Silent but not saint – episode 23

Silent but not saint 18+ Episode 23. (Final) . . We exchanged greetings and sat down. “Poison, hope you still remember these guys” I asked ‘Of course I do” he replied “Good. You see this one beside me, na him be my padi. His name na AK 419 or Ak in shot” I introduced everybody […]

Silent but not saint – episode 22

SILENT BUT NOT SAINT 18+ Episode 22 (semi final) …prodigy’s POV… We left the following day to our previous house with aim of facing Mr David’s boys. We boarded a bike to our formal street where the boys usually stay. The street was scanty as we got there. “What’s happening here, this place haven’t be […]

Silent but not saint – episode 19

  Silent but not saint Episode 19 I contemplated on what to do before I finally made up my mind to meet her. I exit the kitchen to the bedroom. She smiled immediately she saw me. “I just come to give you some oranges” she said handling me a nylon. I collected it and thanked […]

The evil village – episode 1

🌠The evil village 🌠 ⚡Episode 1⚡ 📝Author: yahya godiwa (prodigy) . . I can’t take this shit anymore. Nobody should go out after 8:00pm. This is a crazy order. The worst part is that they keep the reason unknown to strangers like me. What may be the reason behind all these nonsense. I must find […]

Silent but not saint – episode 18

Silent but not saint   Episode 18 I shifted her p**t, she quickly pushed my hand away and cross her leg. E don happen, ah don carry witch come bed. Make I leave her and let her carry her witch dey go. I left the room leaving her alone. Few minutes later, she came out […]