Silent but not saint – episode 17

Episode 17 …….poison’s POV……. I shut the door immediately she entered “She is here, how much own you wan buy” I said to prodigy “Hmm bring 100naira own” he replied. She gave him the orange. We cracked some jokes to make her laugh. Luckly, she fell for it. She spend about 10minutes in our room […]

Silent but not saint – episode 16

Episode 16 ……poison’s POV……. Prodigy unfolded the paper and It was a message from Mr. David boys. The message reads; “You’re lucky to survive this time, but don’t think both you (you and prodigy) can survive the next time” “Guy this is serious oo” I said. “Yeah, we gat to move out from here” prodigy […]

Silent but not saint – episode 14&15

  Episode 14   …poison’s POV…. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Mr. David standing in front of my door? How did he know my house. “Good afternoon sir” I greeted. “Hold that your stupid greeting to yourself, so you have the gut to challenge me”? He said still standing infront of my door. […]

Silent but not saint – episode 12

…prodigy’s POV… “Welcome back from heaven” I said as I notice that she was awake. She stoop up and went to bathroom without replying me. She came back after some minutes with towel tied on her chest and sat on the bed. I switched off the system and dropped it on one side. “Welcome back […]

Silent but not saint – episode 11

Episode 11 ……prodigy’s POV……. Ah no understand what this lady mean oo. Why and how will she wants me to prove that I am a man. We will shall see tomorrow. I woke up the following morning, I brushed my teeth, too my bath and wore a short knicker with Jersey top. I call poison […]