Silent but not saint – episode 9

Episode 9 …prodigy’s POV… I thought they were playing with poison until they started beating him seriously. I contemplated on what do. There is no way I can fight two guys and I can’t watch them beating my friend who is more than a brother to me. I took two Bootles and hit them badly, […]

Silent but not saint – episode 8

    Episode 8 …prodigy POV… “What is that suffering in your boxer” gift said. Before I could reply her, she inserted her hand into my boxer and started rubbing my rod. We end up having another round of s*x and other round before we slept. She left the following morning and that’s how my […]

Silent but not saint – episode 6

  Episode: 6   “Prodigy, please can we see?” gift said as she approach us. “What for?” I asked. “I have something important to discuss with you” she replied. “Something important? Why can’t we discuss it here” I threw her another question. “Please I will be waiting for you under the tree in front of […]

Silent but not saint – episode 5

  Episode 5   …..prodigy’s pov…… “bobo school don resume, how jarret matter go be nah?” I said to poison on the first day of our resumption. “School never resume well nah and Why you dey call her jarret” he replied. “Because I no fit call her gift” I said. “Jarret na her papa name […]

Silent but not saint – episode 4

  Episode 4   …poison’s point of view… I was about to remove her top when she suddenly stood up from the bed. I thought she will carry her bag and leave but what she did made me left my mouth wide opened. She gently removed her top and skirt leaving her bra and p**t […]

Silent but not saint – episode 3

  Episode 3   …….poison’s point of view….. “Good morning sir” I greeted as I entered Mr. David’s office “Morning, how are you?” Mr. David replied. “I am fine sir. You called for me sir” I replied. “Yeah, you are ahmad right” he asked. “Yes sir” I replied. “So tell me what you were doing […]