Silent but not saint – episode 18

Silent but not saint


Episode 18

I shifted her p**t, she quickly pushed my hand away and cross her leg.
E don happen, ah don carry witch come bed. Make I leave her and let her carry her witch dey go.

I left the room leaving her alone. Few minutes later, she came out fully dressed.
“Are you not buying today” she asked.
“E no go better for you” I said in my mind
“Ah no dey buy today” I replied her
She left without saying anything again. I went back into the room and began to watch some movie on my laptop before prodigy return.

It was around 2:45pm and prodigy has not returned, and that’s when a call entered my phone. I thought it was prodigy until I saw “orange girl” on the screen.
Wetin this witch want again?

I hesitate for a while before I picked up the call.
“Hello” she said
“Hi what happen?” I questioned
“Will you be alone at home tomorrow?” she asked
“Yeah, why do you ask?” I replied
“Nothing” she said and hung up the call

Prodigy returned around 6:32pm. I narrated everything to him.

“Guy you dull this package” he said.
“Dull for where? Na winch the girl be” I replied
“She no be winch. Na you no romance am well. You suppose to find her weakness and perform magic on her till she beg you to f**k her” he said
“How i fit know her weakness when she just lie like a dead meat. She no shake, she no moan. Wetin you expect me to do” I replied
“Ehnn you still have one chance left but if you miss am, I go take over her” he said
“Take over who?” I asked
“Orange girl na” he replied
“You no well, which chance you mean sha” I asked
“You said she asked if you will be alone at home tomorro, that’s another chance for you.ah go leave house for you before she come, If you spoil am, I go take over. Make e no be like say ah no tell you” he said
“Okay I hear you” I replied
I slept that day with intention to f**k the girl the following day.

Prodigy left the room for me some minutes after 10am.
Immediately he left, it didn’t take up to 10minutes before the girl arrived.
She was wearing not too tight jean trouser with round neck top.
She sat on the bed with her feet on the flow. I sat close to her and Began to engage her in meaningless talk. I can’t even remember what we talked about.

My mind was not there at all. My mouth was going it’s on part, my mind was going another part while my hand was rubbing her palms.

From there, I started moving my hand to her chest. I stylishly touch her Mellon, she said nothing.
I pushed her on the bed after spending much time to put her in the mood.
I gently removed her top. See fresh and heavy Mellon, She no even wear bra. I did justice to the both Mellon before I took off her trouser.
Oboy, e be like say today na no p*nt and bra day. Ah no waste time to start s**king and finger f**king her her. She moaned silently.

I didn’t know when I comot my clothes too. I stop the play and went for the real action.
I was going in and out of her p**sy with the speed of electricity. She cummed twice before I finally cum.
I lied beside her breathing heavily.

“You don get wetin you want abi” she said after some minutes.
“Ah no understand” I replied.
“Na my turn to get what I want” she said.
I became more confused. Just then, I felt her hand on my sleepy rod.
Before I could think further about what said, my chairman don stand for national anthem. Sorry, national p**sy I mean. I pray make this thing no kill me one day.

She grabbed my rod and s** k as if her life depend on it. Then, she sat on it in reverse cow-girl position.
I was just lying watching how she rode my chairman. I cummed in her p**sy after some minutes of riding and became tired.
She stood from my d**k and started s**king it again. Chai this girl wan kill me, ah don tire already.

“Abeg am I tired jhor” I said
She didn’t answer instead, she s**k harder.
Within a minute, my d**k gain momentum again.
She rode me for another minutes before we Both cum at the same time. I slept off immediately.

I was woke up by prodigy’s voice
“Guy get up jhor” he said
“Why you dey shout laidis” I asked
“Why ah no go shout when you dey sleep like a pregnant fowl” he said
Shey fowl dey pregnant ni, this guy head need resetting.
“What is it by the time” I asked
“4pm don pass” he replied
“Yeh! You mean ah don sleep for about 5hours” he asked
“Na me you dey ask?” He questioned back
I removed the blanket from my body and discovered that I was still unclad.
I saw my boxer beside me, I took it and wear it. Then, to bathroom.
I took bath and went to kitchen. I saw noodles in the pot. The next thing I know is that I found myself eating in kitchen.

“Wetin they do you” prodigy asked as enter into the kitchen
“Guy, that girl na witch, she don dry all my blood. As I dey laidis,ah dey see double” I replied

“Keep shut jhor. The girl dey wait for you in the room” he said
“Which girl?” I asked
“If not oranger girl, who else?” He questioned back.
“Go tell am say ah no dey around” I said
“Go use your mouth tell her that one” he said and left.

This girl na real witch.. Wetin she want again
To be continued…





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