Silent but not saint – episode 19


Silent but not saint

Episode 19

I contemplated on what to do before I finally made up my mind to meet her.
I exit the kitchen to the bedroom. She smiled immediately she saw me.

“I just come to give you some oranges” she said handling me a nylon.
I collected it and thanked her. She left with a smile on face. Wetin dey making this one smile na

I opened the nylon and discovered a folded paper in It with some oranges.

“Guy com see oo” I said unfolding the paper
“Today na play, be prepared for tomorrow” was written on the paper.
“Guy this girl wan kill me” I said
“Oya gist me how to the tin go” he said.
” oboy the girl na professional, no be jjc as we think. Ah go leave house before she come tomorrow, ah never ready to die” I said.

“Hahaha” he laughed very hard
“What’s funny” I asked
“Despite all your bragging, you con dey fear p**sy las las” he replied laughing
“E be like say the girl put something for her p**sy. Ah never go one round and get tired before, but this one na different case” I said
“And you wan run from her?” He asked.
“You wan make ah die ni” I replied
“No be you talk say p**sy no dey kill?” He asked
“Ah no talk am again” i replied

“There is no need for you to run* he said
” ehnn wetin man go do” I asked
“I have a plan” he said
“Oya yarn me” I said
“You know that aboki wey dey sell harbs beside mama ruqqy’s shop” i asked
“Yes I know him” I replied
“He get one harb called **** . go buy am and thank me later” he said
Make ah no mention the harb name, some boys reading this story may use am and kill pesin pikin. Lolz..

I went to the aboki the following morning and bought the harb. I used it as I was told to use it.

Within five minutes, my chairman gain momentum. It was hard like a rock.
Luckly, sofiya(orange girl) come to my rescue. I didn’t waste time to start what I have been waiting for.

I undressed myself and she did the same.
In no time, my rod find it’s way to her p**sy. I pounded her in missionary position like there is no tomorrow.

She cummed twice before we finally change to doggy. I was not feeling any sign of realising soon. I think the harb is on the work.

I pounded her for about 15minutes, but i didn’t feel my liquid coming. I could see tiredness in her eyes, but who cares. I must show her pepper today.

I switched the position and continued pounding her real hard. She began to beg me to stop after Cummin for the forth time.
“Please stop, I am tired” she said
I acted as if I didn’t hear her.
I pounded her for another 7minute before I finally cum in her p**sy. The amount of liquid I released that moment no be for here.

I was about to go into bathroom, when I noticed that she as stop breathing.
My own don finish today, ah don chop wetin pass me.
I quickly pick my phone and dial prodigy’s number. He picked the phone on the first ring.
“Guy ah don die” I said
“Wetin happen?” He asked
“The girl no breath again” I announced
“Ah dey come” he said
Within a minute, prodigy entered into the room. He move very close to girl and check her breath.
“Get me a very cold water” he said
I ran our and bought two very cold pure water. I handed them to prodigy immediately i entered into the room.
“Go get me onion” he said
I rush into the kitchen and took two onions.
He poured some water on the girl. Her body shaked . he poured more water on her.
He cut the onion and use it to rub her nose. Luckily, she coughed.
I took the remaining water and poured it on her while prodigy rub her with onion. She start coughing seriously.
Prodigy left the room leaving me with her. I didn’t know what to do again. I just sat there starring at her.
Suddenly, she opened her eyes.

“Thank God o” I said in my mind
She stared at me, then at her body. Tears fell from her eyes. She staggered up and clad herself.

She left without saying anything to me. I was also afraid to say a thing to her.
Prodigy returned to the room immediately she left.

“Why do you always like to bring trouble to us” prodigy said as he entered into the room
“Who you dey ask that one? No be you recommend that harb for me?” I replied
“How many spoons did you take” he asked
“Only five” I replied
“Even mad man wey dey street better pass you” he said
“Ah no like that kain talk” I replied
“Didn’t I warn you not to take more than three spoons” he questioned.
“You did but the aboki told me to take five spoons so I can last longer” I replied
“Oh! Now I understand. You trust aboki more than me now abi” he said frowning
“No be so guy” i replied
“Anyhow e be, just know from today,you are on your own. Don’t ever try to seek advice or help from me again” he said and lay on the bed.
“Guy e never reach that one nah” i said
I pleaded with him for some minutes, but he refused to reply me.

I left the room leaving him alone. I was hungry, so I decided to go out and eat.
As I opened the gate, a police van stopped in front of our gate. I stylishly close the gate and ran back into our room.

“Guy police are here” I announced to prodigy, but he still refused to say anything.
I sat on the bed and began to think how I will escape those police.
Just then, we heard a knock on our door.
To be continued….




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