Silent but not saint – episode 20

Silent but not saint

Episode 20

…prodigy’s POV…

I am tired of this guy. I don’t know why he always put us in trouble. Mr David case in still on ground, we haven’t solve that one. Now he has cause another one.
Despite that, I don’t want him to be arrested. Will he be one police are looking for?.
I won’t let police to arrest him, but I will teach him a lesson.

I took a glace at him, he was going up and down in the room. The knocking was getting serious.
He moved down to the door side and made an attempt to open the door.

“Don’t open it, run and hide in the kitchen” I said
He quickly ran to the kitchen and hide as I told him.
I stood up and went to the door side.
I opened the door, behold two police men were standing in front of our door.
“Good afternoon, how many I help you please” I said in a sleepy tone.
“We sorry to wake you from your sleep” one police said
“How may I help you please” I asked
“A report come to us that something ilegal is going in this room. So we need to investigate it” the police replied.
I let them in. The first police man sighted poison’s laptop and signaled the second one check it.
Thank God I have clear everything concern cyber crime in the system.

“Ahmad, is the food not done up till now?” I shouted
He understood what I meant and came out with frowning.
“Guy the gas no gree work” he said
“Wetin dey happen for here” he aske
“They said something illegal is going in here” I replied
We allowed them to search everywhere, including kitchen and bathroom. Luckily, they didn’t see the cutlass we hide under the wardrobe.
“We are sorry for the embarrassment” they said and left.

“Guy I nearly piss for my trouser today” poison’s said.
“You for die for there. Idiot” I replied
“You dey mad” he replied
“Do you think is sofiyat that reported us” I asked
“I don’t think so, she would have come together with the police if she is the one” he replied
“My mind is telling me that somebody in this compound is behind the report” I said
“Yeah you are right. That one woman wey dey last room there, saw me when I was rushing to buy pure water. She asked me why a girl was shouting in our room. I told her nothing, we are just playing” he narreted
“She may be the one, but let us leave her matter for now” I said
“I need to rest bro” he said and lay on the bed
“Rest kwa. We need to end all these trouble” I said.
“Ehnn that reminds me. how far about Mr. David issue? We don enter another month” he said
“Everything don ready” I replied
“Oya yarn me” he requested
“You remember lizy?” I asked
“Yes I do” he replied
“She be Mr. David’s you younger sister” I said
“Ah!” He exclaimed
“You see that place wey see her the day we went out to eat?” I said
“Yeah” he replied
“Na her mama own the place” I said
“Ah thank God I didn’t accost her that day. But how did you know all these?” he said
“When ah no be mumu like you. The time your were wasting looking for orange girl p**sy to f**k na him I used carryout the investigation” I replied
“Hmm so how we go treat Mr. David’s fuck up” he asked
“Till tomorrow” I answered
“Okay o” he said
“You should also know that during the mission, p**sy hunting is not allowed” I warned
“No yawa. Let me call sofiyat and say goodbye and sorry to her” he said
“You’re own your own” I replied
“What does that suppose to mean?” He asked
“Ah no know for you oo” I replied
“Let me call her jhor” he said
He Dialed the number several times but the girl refused to pick.

..poison’s POV…

We set out the following day to a deep forest. I didn’t know we were going exactly but I kept following prodigy.
After trekking for about 17 minutes, I found myself appearing in front of five heavy guys.
“Guy wetin dey happen?” I whisper to prodigy
“No fear, they are my gee” he replied
“Hello guys” he greeted
“The innocent badest niga, how far” the guy in the middle who I assumed to be their boss said
“I bam, here is the rat wey cat dey chase” he replied
I just stood there looking like zombie
“Hope say the rat geh liver?” The guy asked
“Ah no sure, but anyhow anyhow you go put liver for him body”he answered
” that’s why I like you” the guy said
“Come forward here” the guy yelled at me
I looked at prodigy, he assured me to go.
I moved to where he sat.
“Show your papa respect” the guy yelled
I felt like slapping the guy, but who be me to fight five heavy guys.
I knelt in front of him.
“Guys give him liver” the guy said to other guys
Just then, they began to pour dirty water on me. I got angry and stoop up. I look at my back but prodigy was no where to be found.
“Stop this shit” I yelled
A hot slap landed on my cheek followed but punch form different angles.

If I stay like this, these people kill me for here. It’s better I fight to my last breath. I must kill person before I die.

I jumped on one guy, he fell on ground. I quickly mounted on him without minding the blow from the rest.

I landed two punches on his nose. He started bleeding immediately. I was about giving him the third punch when a punch landed on my nose too.

I fell on ground immediately. That kain punch no be for here. I look up and discovered that the order three guys are no where to be found.

That gives me hope to staggered up.
To be continued……

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