Silent but not saint – episode 22


Episode 22 (semi final)

…prodigy’s POV…

We left the following day to our previous house with aim of facing Mr David’s boys.

We boarded a bike to our formal street where the boys usually stay. The street was scanty as we got there.

“What’s happening here, this place haven’t be like this before” poison said.
“I think some thugs have started terrorizing this place” I replied.
“Do you think Mr. David boys will be responsible?” He asked
“Yeah! Those boys are not just Mr David’s gangs, they are among the notorious guys in this community. They are more than two guys that are after us, but only those two that expose their identity. They belong to red lion cult group” I explained

“Oh!. Don’t you think if we kill those two, the rest find us and kill us too?” He asked
“I know. We are not killing anybody unless they try anything funny. We are here to settle the matter once for all” I said
“Oh!” He exclaimed
“Let me call them” I said.

I brought out my phone and dialed scorpion’s number. The phone rang, but he refused to pick.
We heard police siren as I was about to dial his number again.
“Guy we need to leave here” I said
“Let’s walk down there and hide” poison said pointing to a direction.

We ran to the place and hide. We stayed there and let the police pass before we emerged.

My phone started ringing immediately we stepped out. Scorpion was the one calling.
“Scorpion is calling back” I announced to poison before I picked the call.

“Hello, who is on the line?” he asked
“Where you dey” I said ignoring his question
“I said who is on the online” he yelled
“Calm down, na your boss dey talk. Your boss prodigy” I said
“Thunder fire you there” he said and hung up the call.
I called him again, but he refused to pick.

“Send him a message” poison said

I typed a message which reads:
“Stop acting like a coward. We dey your street now, comot from where you dey hide and meet us”

He called back after some minutes

“Is like you guys are tired of this life. Wait for us if they born you well” he said
“Dogs don’t eat lion. We dey your chamber come meet us” i said and hang up the call.

Few minutes later, they come to where we were.
“Xup guys” I said
They refused to replied.
“You no hear your boss talking?” Poison said.

Before he could say another word, a hot slap landed on his cheek.
“You slap my guy, you dey mad” I said moving closer to scorpion who just slapped poison.

I was about giving him a punch when poison landed two hot slap on his cheek.
And the fight just started.

I faced scorpion while poison face the other guy.
As we were fighting, two other guys emerged from an unknown place and started running toward us with cutlass on their hand.

I pushed scorpion away from my body and shouted.
“Poison, we need to leave” I yelled and decided to run but the guy refused to let poison go.

I brought out my gun, I shot him on his leg. He screamed out loud and free poison.

“If you move even an inch, I will blast your head” I said.
They paused and watch us as we leave. The guy I shot earlier was still screaming on the ground.

We left the street completely before we board a bike back to our house.
A message pop up my phone immediately we alight from the bike.

“Oh! Scorpion sent a message” I announced to poison
“What is it about?” He asked
“The battle line has been drawn”
“That’s means they will find us at all cost” he said
“Of course” I replied
“Shit!” He exclaim
“You too dey worry. You know why I took to the bush and left you there with two guys to beat you?” I asked

“No” he replied
“I took you there to learn how to be fearless. If you can overpower those too guys I left you with, who is scorpion and co to challenge you?” I said

“Hmm” he murmured
“By the way, they are my guys” I said.

“But I have not seen them even for once” he said
“They are anonymous” i said
“So how you take know them?” He asked
“It’s a saga” I replied.
“Okay o” he said

“We need to end this once and for all. Either with water or blood for blood” i said
“Am afraid. I don’t want take anyone’s life” he said
“Then someone will take yours” I said
“Oh! So terrible” he said
“See, you need to stop afraiding or else you will get yourself killed” I warned

Throughout that week, we didn’t see or heard anything from scorpion or Mr.David, until the following week.

We were going to market to purchase some food stuffs, because we didn’t have enough left.
Unfortunately, we bumped into Mr. David and Lizzy.

Immediately they sighted us, we quickly run out of their sight.
We spend about 25minutes in the market before we left.

We board a bike. About 5minutes later, we discovered that there is a bike following us.
“Guy someone is following us” I announced to poison.
“What do we do now?” He asked.
“Let me call my guys” I said

“Hello gee! We dey trouble” I said
“Wetin happen?” He asked
“The guys are following us” I answered
“Where you dey? He asked
” still on bike to our house” I replied
“We dey hideout, just dey come laidat” he said.
“Alright!” I said and hung up the call

I told the bike man to speed up.
Luckiky, the bike stopped following us. We spent about 15minutes on the bike before we finally arrived at the junction.
We alighted from the bike and walk down to the hideout.

“Welcome the baddest” they hail as we entered.

To be continued…




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