Silent but not saint – episode 23

Silent but not saint 18+

Episode 23. (Final)

We exchanged greetings and sat down.
“Poison, hope you still remember these guys” I asked
‘Of course I do” he replied
“Good. You see this one beside me, na him be my padi. His name na AK 419 or Ak in shot”

I introduced everybody to poison. Then we decided to chill.
Suddenly, we heard foot steps outside.
“You no hear foot steps outside?” Ak asked
“Is like the guys follow you come here, let me go check” ak said and stood up.

He ran back in almost immediately.
“They are here, get your weapons” Ak announced.
“Guy! Me and poison no come with any weapon” I said

“The guns you brought to us still dey” ak said and brought out a bag filled with guns and knives.

He handed over two pistol to us. One for poison and one for me.
We ran out into the bush and hide. We watched them as they search everywhere.

Just then, AK target one guy and shot him. He fell immediately. That’s how fight began.
They began to shoot blindly. That continued for about 1minute before they stop.

“Where are the cowards? Show you faces” scorpion shouted
I wanted to stood up and reply him, but Ak held me down.

They started walking towards our direction.
Ak shot one of their boys again.

“Let’s go” Ak said
We start running in the bush while Ak take the lead.
They started shooting and ran after us.
One of our guys screamed. I turned and discovered that bullet has landed on him.

“We can’t keep running, we need to face these people. One of our boys don fall oo” I shouted
Just then, bullet landed on another guy again.

“Run faster” Ak shouted
We continued running with maximum speed.
We got to one abandoned big house in the bush. We ran inside went upstair while some of our boys stayed downstair.

They become very clear to us. We started taking them down one by one.
Scorpion ran back with some boys and hide.
We spent some minutes in the house before we went out. We thought they have gone, but we were wrong.

Poison was the first to step out. Scorpion shot him immediately he stepped out.
He screamed and fell on ground. I ran to him while Ak and other guys ran after scorpion and the rest.

“Am sorry, I don’t know we will separate this way. I am sorry for trouble I have put into. Please don’t go after them, don’t revenge. This is my Faith and destiny. Please go home and meet your mum. We shall meet afterworld” poison said with his mouth filled with blood.

I didn’t know when tear rolled out of my eyes. I watched as poison die slowly in pain.

Ak returned after some minutes and met poison lying lifesless on the ground.
“Guy take heart. Sorry for the lost” Ak consoled
“Look into my eyes, you no see blood?. I need blood. I want to taste real blood. I mean David, scorpion and lizzy blood” I said with tears

“Take heart. We don take down scorpion” Ak said
“Where is his head? I need his head” I said
“Calm down bro” one guy said
“We need to leave here. Carry am let’s go” Ak said
I carried poison left the place
We carried him to river side and bury him there.

We left the place back to our various places.
I spend four days indoor. I couldn’t believe I won’t see poison again.

I must kill David and lizy at all cost. Even if it will cost my life, I don’t care. All I want is David and Lizzy death.
I must first kill Lizzy so he will feel the pain of losing the love one, before I kill him.

I spent another three weeks anonymously. It was after that, i made up my mind to retaliate.

I dress up early in the morning on one fateful Morning. Used face cap cover my face.

I set out to mama David cook. I survey the place but Lizzy was not seen.

I sat opposite the place and wait for her surface from any where. Even by mistake.
Luckily, she came out from the inner shop.
I went closer and landed two bullets on her chest. People started running for there lives. I joined the crowd escaped.
I was lucky to get a bike that rode me home.

First mission accomplished.

I spent some days without going out for another mission. I let the case die before I set out for the last mission.

I went to our former school, where David teaches. I sat a little far from the school gate. I waited for about 30mimutes before I finally sighted david’s car.
I started walking to the gate. As he stopped his car for the gate man to open the gate for him, I move very closer to his car.

I landed three bullets on his head. I ran out of the place before many eyes could see me.

I went home fully happy. Now the game is over.

It’s time to move out to my father’s house. I was packing my properties when someone knock on my door.

“Who is that?” I asked
But the person keep knocking without answering.
I moved to the door side and opened it. Suprisensely, there were four police men standing at my door step.

“You are under arrest Mr prodigy” one police man said
I gave them my hand and they handcuffed me. I was acussed of murder and got locked up in the cell.
Despite being locked in the cell, the joy of Lizzy and David’s death never leave me.
The end….




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