Silent but not saint – episode 21

Silent but not saint 18+

Episode 21

……poison’s POV…….

That gives me hope to staggered up.
He was about giving me another punch, but I Dodged it and bounced on him.
I started rushing him with punches. After about 7 punches, I heard footsteps from my back. I look at my back and discovered that the guy I just left has recovered.

He was walking towards me with a wood on his hand.

I look right, I look left, ah no see any wood to carry. Na so I take race ooo.
I got home and met prodigy lying on bed with my laptop. I felt like stabbing him to death, but I was so weak to fight.
“You’re welcome” he greeted
I didn’t answer him.
I removed my stained cloth and dash in to the bathroom.
It took me about 15minutes before I finally exit the bathroom. My laptop was still on the bed, but prodigy was no where to be found.

I went to kitchen to check if there is something I could eat before I take some pain relief drugs.
I was about open the pot when I my phone beeped.
I brought it out from my pocket. It was a message from prodigy. I didn’t want to check it in the first place, But something urged me check it.

The message reads;
“Leave the house now, Mr. David boys are after us. Come and meet me at my dad’s house”

I quickly exit the kitchen to bedroom. I took my laptop and some clothes. I rushout of the room and lock the door.

I started trekking on the street because there was no bike that moment and I couldn’t wait in front of our gate.

Just I was going, I sighted Lizzy from a far distance. I remembered what prodigy told me “Lizzy Is Mr David’s younger sister”.
I quickly hid in one place until she was out of my sight.

I emerged from my hideout and began to continue trekking. Immediately I turned to take another way, I sight Mr David’s boys coming from that side.

I followed the way I followed earlier and started walking faster.
I stopped a bike and went to prodigy’s house.
I met his mom in sitting room. I greeted her and moved to prodigy’s room. He was sitting on bed and operating his phone.

He started laughing immediately I enter.
” what’s funny” I asked

“My mum didn’t say anything when you entered” he asked.
“No, she didn’t” I replied
“May be the face cap no let her see” he said
“Wetin happen?” I asked
“Go look mirror” he said laughing
I removed my face cap and used my phone camera to check my face.

Chai na me be this. See how my face don swell like balloon.
“Hope you know say ah go do my own back” I said
“Calm down, we go talk that one another day” he said.
“So how did Mr David’s boys know our area” I asked

…prodigy’s POV….

I was walking down home after leaving poison in the forest with my gee. I decided eat at mama David’s cook. I entered keke straight to the place.
I requested for a plate of rice. In just a minute, a fair lady appeared before me holding a plate of rice. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Lizy! Oh gosh! I thought this bitch won’t be here by now.
“Hi Lizzy long time” I manage to say
“Abi nah” she replied and drop the food
“How have you been” I asked
“Good” she replied and left
As eat, I used my eyes to look every angle. I paid and left without finishing the food. I did everything in hurry and left the place.

Immediately I comot for that place, Mr David’s boys began to pursue me oo.
I was lucky to get a bike that rod me home.

“But when I returned home, I saw you operating laptop worthlessly” poison asked
“Why ah go dey worry? By the way, I was ordering gun from darkweb that time” I replied.
“Gun?” I asked insured
“Yeah” I replied.
“Give me five. When the thing go arrive?” I said
“In the next two weeks” I replied
“From today, you be my boss. No be my guy again” he said
“Lolz you too funny” I replied
“I mean am” he said
“Okay nah. No yawa” I said
“Why didn’t tell me when you left?” He asked
“Even if I decide to tell you, you no go listen” I replied
“Na true sha. Ah dey hungry abeg” he said
“Let’s go eat for outside” I said
“Am too weak now, just go help me buy am and drugs too” he said.

I went out and bought food for both of us.

Two weeks later…

I was in my room writing my blog post when I got a text that my package has arrived.
“You package has arrived in your destination. Contact 080******** to get your package”
I contacted the person, he sent me an address of where we can meet.

I dressed up and board a bike to the place together with poison.

I thought the place was an hideout, but on was wrong. The environment was very crowd. It was not easy to located him.

The way they seal the thing, you no go believe say na weapon dey inside. I collected the package and thank the man before I left.

We unsealed the package immediately we got home.
4 pistols was well packed inside.
“Boss, for your face, you be angel, but inside you. Even devil dey salute you” poison said laughing.
“You no well. Me wey be saint” I replied
“You’re silent but not saint” he said.
“Lol. We go leave here tomorrow, ah no wan make my mum suspect anything” I said.

We left the following day to our previous house with aim of facing Mr David and his boys.
To be continued..

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