Silent but not saint – episode 23

Silent but not saint 18+ Episode 23. (Final) . . We exchanged greetings and sat down. “Poison, hope you still remember these guys” I asked ‘Of course I do” he replied “Good. You see this one beside me, na him be my padi. His name na AK 419 or Ak in shot” I introduced everybody […]

Silent but not saint – episode 22

SILENT BUT NOT SAINT 18+ Episode 22 (semi final) …prodigy’s POV… We left the following day to our previous house with aim of facing Mr David’s boys. We boarded a bike to our formal street where the boys usually stay. The street was scanty as we got there. “What’s happening here, this place haven’t be […]

Silent but not saint – episode 19

  Silent but not saint Episode 19 I contemplated on what to do before I finally made up my mind to meet her. I exit the kitchen to the bedroom. She smiled immediately she saw me. “I just come to give you some oranges” she said handling me a nylon. I collected it and thanked […]

Silent but not saint – episode 18

Silent but not saint   Episode 18 I shifted her p**t, she quickly pushed my hand away and cross her leg. E don happen, ah don carry witch come bed. Make I leave her and let her carry her witch dey go. I left the room leaving her alone. Few minutes later, she came out […]

Silent but not saint – episode 17

Episode 17 …….poison’s POV……. I shut the door immediately she entered “She is here, how much own you wan buy” I said to prodigy “Hmm bring 100naira own” he replied. She gave him the orange. We cracked some jokes to make her laugh. Luckly, she fell for it. She spend about 10minutes in our room […]