The evil village – episode 1

🌠The evil village 🌠

Episode 1⚡

📝Author: yahya godiwa (prodigy)



I can’t take this shit anymore. Nobody should go out after 8:00pm. This is a crazy order. The worst part is that they keep the reason unknown to strangers like me.

What may be the reason behind all these nonsense. I must find out this myself no matter what it takes.

Oh no vex, I have not told about myself and how the saga began. Well, Let me tell you how the saga started before you get carried away. Lol.

My name is prodigy, I was born in a village called “GODI” that’s enough about me. Let’s go straight to the main saga.

It all started when there were scarcity of farm land in our village. People fight upon farm lands almost every day as it’s our only source of income.

I was in my room thinking how my life will be in the next two months. My one and only farm land has been snatched. The painful part is being snatched by my elder brother who I can’t stand to fight.

I thought about many things, both legal and illegal. I made up my mind to start selling water in the nearest town in order to earn a living.

As I was packing my clothes Into Ghana must go bag, a thought ran through my brain. I picked my phone and dialed himtiyaz’s number.

Himtiyaz is my friend who live in another village.

Luckily, he picked the phone.

I explained my situation and my plan to him, but he told me not to worry, I should forget about traveling to town he will get me another farm land in a village called “GACHE”.

He said there is enough fertile farm land in the village and that’s what led me to *the evil village*

Two Weeks after, I was informed that they have given me a farm land together with a room. Don’t be surprised, gache people are rich and generous.

In no time, I packed my belongings and left for gache.

On reaching gache, I was welcomed with pounded yam and egusi soap. I ate slept off and wake up around 7:42pm. Don’t mind me, I was so tired.

When I wake up, I decided to check throughout the village. I went straight to my Landlord to tell him before going out, but the reply I got from him made me shock.

There is only few minutes to 8:00pm and nobody goes out after 8:00pm. “He said”

I asked him why, but he said that’s not necessary to know for now.

So I went back to my room and pray before I slept off.

I wake up around 1:26am when I heard a strange sound, but I assumed it to be normal things that sometimes happens in the night.

When I wake up the following morning, I didn’t border to ask my landlord about the strange sound I heard in the night since I didn’t see it as something serious.

The same thing happened the second and third night and that’s what pushed me to ask my landlord.

But what he told me made me engulfed by fear.

Find what he told me in the next episode.

To be continued…………………….

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